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Collaboration with Bio Marche Vol.7 – 有機キウイのホイップクリームケーキ

Collaboration with Bio Marche Vol.7 – 有機キウイのホイップクリームケーキ

Vegan and Gluten free Organic Kiwi with whipped cream cake


A vegan dessert recipe part 7. which I have created and collaborated with organic food and products distribution company BIO Marché has released on their website.


I made “ORGANIC KIWI WITH WHIPPED CREAM CAKE” is vegan and gluten free. This cake is filled lots of kiwi! With layered raw almond and dried dates based bottom, fluffy whipped coconut cream and fresh mint flavoured ginger ale mojito jelly. It sounds delicious, isn’t it?


You can taste early summer flavour despite the rainy season has begun!
I really hope you love it. Why not bake it this weekend? Go vegan for our planet!